Jany 500 series

Jany 500 series

M1-quality seat with specially-designed back for military vehicles
The Jany 501 seat has been designed and developed to provide soldiers with a greater level of comfort. A section of the foam back padding and the headrest can be removed for instances in which a soldier may be wearing a fragmentation vest and helmet while driving. It creates both a correct seating position and the proper use of the headrest, which reduces the risk of whiplash injuries.

The Jany 500 series has an integrated 5 point seat belt. The trigger is highlighted with a fluorescent marking so that it is easy to identify at night.
Flexible system
The seat can be installed in Be-Ge Jany’s flexible Twinplate flooring system, which can be installed in a large number of positions within the vehicle.

Upholstery of your choice
Jany 500 seats are available in OEM padding, vinyl or leather, as well as customerprovided speciality upholstery.
Seat variations:
Jany 501
Jany 505
Jany 562
Jany 525

Seats can be equipped with adjustable armrests.
Product brochure: Jany 500 serie
Jany 500 series is M1 approved according to 76/115 EEC.
Approval: Jany 500 serie


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