Seats for Life


 Our "Seats for Life" philosophy is a recurring concept both internally within Be-Ge Jany A/S and externally to our suppliers and customers.

Our Values - with our slogan "Seats for Life" we endeavor to:

  • JANY creates value in the user's life
  • JANY saves lives
  • JANY lasts a lifetime


Through closely cooperation with our network of approved bodybuilders and suppliers we continue to develop and produce flexible and innovative high quality seats. Below you find some vehicles with JANY seats.

Transit build with fixed seats of Jany 805 and Jany 801 - a more flexible system than is available in Ford's product range. 
Mercedes Sprinter with JANY seats.
A converted Ford Transit into mobile offices for service fitters. Jany 801 seats in original transit upholstery and a JANY table is used.
A Renault Master built with Jany 862 folding seats mounted on the wheel arch, a rear facing Jany 801, equipment for securing a wheelchair, and a bus table.
A Opel Movano bus with six Jany 801.


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