RETTmobil 2015

Thanks for visiting RETTmobil 2015

Thanks to all of you who took the time to visit our booth at RETTmobil 2015 at Fulda in Germany. This year, we were able to exhibit further ECE R 14.07-compliant products, as well as some exciting upholstery options. We had three busy days, with a great many visitors, and we hope that everyone was able to get the information that they needed. We would quite naturally be delighted to be able continue to help by answering any questions that you may have thought up after visiting our booth.

This autumn will see us attending several events, starting with the annual FKB meeting and exhibition at Frederikshavn in Denmark, plus Busworld at Kortrijk in Belgium, and the Work Environment Conference AM:2015 at Nyborg in Denmark. We hope to see you there.

3 seater Twinplate

New 3 seater Twinplate

A Twinplate combines the flexibility of the Jany Keyhole System with a quick and simple, installation-friendly solution that is glued to the vehicle floor, whilst remaining light in weight. The flooring system allows for a free choice of final flooring with an attractive finish around surrounding the rails.

Our Twinplates are approved for a large number of positions, which allows a great deal of flexibility when the interior is installed.

Twinplates are now available in three lengths: one-seater, two-seater, and the new three-seater, with an option to customise the rail length.

All of our M1-approved seats can be mounted in a Twinplate.

Our unique Twinplate floor system is supplied as a complete mounting set with hardware, glue, and bolts.

Twinplates is M1-approved and comply with both 76/115 ECC and ECE R 14.07.

View our installation video or call us to hear more about our various options on +45 96 55 67 00.

Mercedes-Benz Vito

Be-Ge Jany Gains full Approval on the Latest Mercedes-Benz Vito

Be-Ge Jany are proud to announce the latest vehicle successfully tested with our Jany range of M1 passenger seats fully witnessed and approved by TÜV Rheinland. The new Mercedes-Benz Vito due to be launched in spring is a bold striking replacement for outgoing successful Vito models.

This latest edition to the Mercedes-Benz range brings its commercial vehicles in line with the styling of their luxury car range. Get one of these new Vito's behind you on the motorway and you could easily be mistake it for a Mercedes GL class on your tail.

We have full approval on our entire seating range for the new Vito, our comprehensive testing documentation using 100% Be-Ge Jany products mean that no further testing by the customer is required.

In terms of Type Approval we have done all the testing for you, so your seating becomes a paperwork exercise with no testing whatsoever required by the customer.

Be-Ge Jany solutions are extremely cost effective, not only are they extremely easy to fit and keep labour to a minimum, our unique bonded Twinplate is designed to be "seat specific" saving costs and weight in comparison with fitting a full aluminium floor.

The new Vito has been fully approved to fit the entire 800 series range of Be-Ge Jany M1 seats and accompanies the testing we have already done on the existing Mercedes Sprinter, so no matter what the requirement, we are sure we can come up with a Be-Ge Jany solution for you.

Be-Ge Jany A/S invests in new test centre

Be-Ge Jany A/S invests in new test centre


International supplier of M1 approved seats, Be-Ge Jany A/S in Denmark, has recently invested in a brand new test facility. This initiative ensures that Be-Ge Jany A/S remains abreast of safety issues, as it always has done in the past.

"Our new test facility enables us to comply fully with new test requirements and gears us for future requirements", explains Lene Støy Bech, Be-Ge Jany A/S' general manager. 

This is fully in line with Be-Ge Jany A/S' uncompromising focus on quality and safety, as reflected by the company's slogan "Seats for Life".

"When we test cars, we investigate what happens if the car is involved in an accident. Consequently, our seats are subjected to today's strictest international, passenger vehicle tests. We test seats, vehicle body and floor system together at the new test facility; and naturally it is a physical test, not merely a calculation", emphasises Lene Støy Bech.

Specifically, according to the new requirements, a seat must comply with the so-called stay away zone. This means that, in the event of an accident, the seat back must not move forward more than 10 degrees from a fixed point on the seat, the H-point. Additionally, the ISOFIX fittings for children's seats must be subjected to tensile testing, and the seat must undergo four different ISOFIX tensile tests before the system can be approved for introduction to the market.

The new test facility has been approved by TÜV Rheinland, which means that Be-Ge Jany A/S can perform all of the tensile tests itself and does not need to ship the seats to TÜV Rheinland in Germany for testing.

"This gives us an advantage over our competitors, and we are constantly adding to our experience and knowledge of tests and safety, which we keep within the company", says Kristian Kanstrup, test engineer at Be-Ge Jany A/S.

Be-Ge Jany A/S is also taking a step into the future with its software. With the new facility, data will be even more detailed, making the processing of test data very manageable.

The reason for the investment is that the EU has introduced new requirements for the testing of M1 seats. The EU wishes to reduce the number of fatal traffic accidents and the aim is for 50% fewer fatalities than in 2010 by 2020. The new regulations, which make cars safer to drive, will help achieve this target.

The test facility is manufactured in Denmark by Serman & Tipsmark A/S and Lytzen A/S.

Further details are available from Be-Ge Jany A/S' General Manager, Lene Støy Bech, on +45 96 55 67 00.

Facts about Be-Ge Jany A/S' new test facility

•  Load cells1 and a wire transducer2 provide two data streams from each seat. Three seats are subjected to tensile testing at a time, which results in six measurements per test (2 data streams x 3 seats) .

•  The system ensures that all six measurements are positive within the same 0.2 second period.

•  The system ensures a testing time of 0.2 seconds, as stipulated by EU regulations.

•  The system's PLC logs data from both the load cells and the wire transducer at exceedingly high speed and compares the data from all three seats simultaneously.

•  The system has nine hydraulic cylinders: One row of cylinders for static load, one row of cylinders for the hip belt and one row of cylinders for the shoulder belt. All nine cylinders are in use simultaneously.

•  The system has PID regulation/control. The PID controller is extremely quick and precise, which ensures great accuracy and controls the hydraulic system very precisely.

•  The system is able to measure seat displacement very precisely.

•  The system is calibrated by FORCE Technology.

¹ A load cell is a piece of hardware that measures force extremely precisely.

² A wire transducer is, in principle, an exceedingly precise electronic tape measure.





Be-Ge 3010R Bus Concept

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