Instructor chair Jany Type 50

jany type 50Instructor chair

It took five years to develop and fit the new instructor chair for Danish Railroads (DSB), but then Be-Ge Jany A/S has also supplied a 100 % customized product – something that Be-Ge Jany A/S is specialized in doing.

The chair has improved the working conditions which are joyful, and also the main target for the project.

Besides installing the chair in trains, the chair can also be fitted into other installations such as ambulances or container offices.

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M1 Tested Police Camera Van

Be-Ge Jany M1 Tested Police Camera Van Solutions

M1 sæder i britisk politivognBe-Ge Jany is one of the leaders in supplying fully tested M1 approved seats for Police Camera Van solutions

Our 805 series seat enables officers to sit comfortably for long hours with functions such as three point integral seat belt, fully reclining backrest, adjustable armrests, generous seat slides and 4 point rotation enabling an officer to sit rear facing to allow them to perform their duties, then rotating the seat forward facing to enable them to travel in the seat.

Our M1 tracking system, also enbles the officer to remove the seat and place it on the other side of the vehicle, which is useful when working with oncoming and forward traffic from both sides of the road.

 Jany sæde i politivogn

Intensive Care Technology

12 Tonnes of Intensive Care Technology!

Ambulance fra Visser Holland

Holland’s Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) vehicle. Designed and assembled by Dutch builder, Visser Leeuwarden,on a Volvo chassis it’s one of the largest ambulance vehicles in Europe

Based on a Volvo FL290 chassis the MICU has a number of unique clinical and engineering features designed into its construction that make it a complete and total ‘one-off ’. Among its many novelties is a bespoke interior lighting system built into the walls and ceiling of its patient compartment that can be altered to take account of either the patient’s mood or to create clean light for the clinicians on-board should they be required to dispense more complex clinical-care for the patient who, in most cases, needs intensive monitoring

Our highly successful Jany 805 and 862 seats were chosen as the seats for the rear compartment and In the unlikely event that the MICU box’s bed should ever come free of the chassis during a major collision, the vehicles unique cabinets, with their internal safety cages, will absorb the impact so that the medics sat in our seats will not get trapped. This entire design aspect significantly reduces the likelihood of injury to all occupants in the patient compartment.

Ambulance seat rear_seats seat_side

Leaders in ambulance seating

Leaders in Ambulance Seatingnew_scottish_van_conversion

When it comes to Ambulance seating we have a lot of experience

When we started out in the Ambulance business 18 years ago, we did not design a seat we thought the industry needed. We consulted Fleet Managers, Paramedics, Ergonomics Officers, Infection Control Officers, Ambulance Workshop Mechanics and Vehicle Builders.

Over the years our seat has developed in response to changing demands on the Ambulance industry, today our seat still remains in the forefront of modern ambulance design.

We have been testing our seats since 1993 and updating our approvals to meet the changes in standards ever since, that’s why when you fit a Jany in your Ambulance you buy a “Seat for Life”

We comply with the latest European CEN:1789 and the Amercian KKK-A-1822 and when we test and develop our products we understand that we are fitting our seats in a vehicle that can legally go over the speed limit and go through traffic lights on red, the most dangerous environments for a vehicle to enter. We have been the preferred supplier for the majority of NHS frontline ambulances for many years.    

scottishThe Jany 862 can be supplied in a seamless version. This version is specially designed for the ambulance market, where bacteria control is of greatest importance. Besides protecting against the normal blood and urine, our new seamless seat prevents airborne bacteria from growing on our upholstery.

Twinplate installation video

Twinplate intro   00:00 - 02:31
Installing              02:31 - 7:18 

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