M1 flooring system
A Twinplate combines the flexibility of the Be-Ge Jany keyhole system with a quick and simple installation solution. Our Twinplates are approved for use in a large number of positions, which offers a great deal of flexibility when the interior is installed.

The Twinplate is available in three lengths: 1 seater, 2 seater and 3 seater.

All of our M1 approved seats can be installed in a Twinplate.
Our unique Twinplate flooring system is supplied as a complete assembly which includes the hardware, glue and nails.

Product brochure: JANY Twinplate

Twinplaten is M1 approved according to ECE R14.07.
Twinplate approval ECE R14.07

Twinplate mounting instructions

Twinplate mounting video


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